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Working from home could be on the rise over the next few months -  We have got you covered.
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Working from home could be on the rise over the next few months -  We have got you covered.

We have compiled 5 tips for you when working at home to make sure you are ergonomic and productive.

1.  Laptop And Monitor Height

The usual sight of people hunched over their tiny laptop, looking down and using the scroll pad as a mouse is still very common everywhere you go. It's time rise that laptop up and save your neck. Laptop stands with adjustable heights are great to get your laptop at the right height for usage. An external mouse and keyboard will help prevent RSI and bring you more joy and productivity when working.

The general rule for screen positioning for monitors was to have your eyes level with the top of the monitor. Laptop screens a little smaller than monitors but the issue is that laptops are at the wrong height for users. Laptop’s normally sit on a desk or your lap where users look down onto the screen promoting poor posture. No matter what size your monitor or screen is you should try to avoid any unnecessary head tilting.

Click Here for more details on laptop and monitor usage.

2. Take a stand

With research proving again and again that sedentary lifestyles are responsible for so much ill health, sitting has been likened to the new smoking. But many experts believe that standing for long periods of time can be harmful as well. The solution? An adjustable-height desk allowing you to sit and stand.

3. Lighting

Ergonomic Lighting

In addition to ceiling lights, make sure you have adequate task lighting for their work. You can put spot lighting underneath cubicle shelving to shed light on the desk, or get adjustable desk lamps that let you focus light exactly where they you it. Lamps that offer different brightness levels are great if allowing you to get the perfect lighting setup.

4. External mice and Keyboards

For users who use a laptop for extended periods, a good solution is to get a separate, ergonomic keyboard that you can position properly while using the laptop on a desk. Make it wireless for more convenience. A laptop stand can be added to raise the laptop screen high enough for optimum viewing. An external mouse to go along with the external keyboard and laptop stand provide you with the 3 key ingredients to helping you working remotely.

5.  Support your Back

Herman Miller Embody Chair

When working you need to make sure you're comfortable and supported properly by having chairs that have adjustable seats and backs. There should be good lumbar support, and you should be able to comfortably put their feet on the floor with their legs at a 90-degree angle. People who are very tall or very short may need different chairs to accommodate their size. A footrest can also help, adding a footrest to your work station can improve your comfort and posture, and improve circulation to your lower legs. 

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