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Ergonomics is all about connecting the worker with their work environment in a meaningful and healthy way.

We know that getting the best peas-and-carrots fit between you and our ergonomic equipment can take some trialling. That's why we offer 7-day trials on a range of our products.

We ship the trial item to you and 7 days later, you return it to us.

Which products can I trial?
Virtually all of our products are available for trial, except for our desks. We'll let you know if the product/s you have requested can't be trialled.

What are the costs?
You pay the freight charge to have the item sent to you, and it's your responsibility to return the item to us. You can courier or post it, or if convenient, you can return it to us in person at our showroom.

My 7-days are up and I'd like to purchase the item:
Hooray! That's great news. Contact us and we'll advise you of the next step in the trial-to-purchase experience. 

How do I request a trial?
Complete our online Trial Request Form below to get the ball rolling. We'll follow up with you shortly!