Ergonomic mice and keyboards are increasingly becoming an important part of workplace  health and comfort.  We have a number of mouse solutions in a range of shapes and sizes. Long gone are the days of the standard mouse! There is the vertical mouse, that keeps your arm in an upright, neutral position; specialty ergonomic mice for more unique requirements; left-handed mice and bar mice to name a few.  Ergonomic mice can greatly reduce the likelihood of developing repeated strain injuries or arm/wrist tension due to extended computer use.

Ergonomic keyboards work in harmony with your environment and your typing needs.  Rarely use your number pad? Why not use a compact keyboard, which keeps your arms streamlined and reduces arm tension.  Need something a little more tailored to your needs? Try our specialty keyboards.

We have put together an ergonomic mouse and ergonomic keyboard product guide to help you out

Make your desk a better place to work.

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