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Laptop Bags

Laptop Bags are now a regular piece of equipment in our ever changing mobile world. Getting the right laptop bag can sometimes be a struggle though as a lot of laptop bags only have enough room for a laptop and not much else. We have a variety of different bags available that can be slim with storage or larger back packs to fit everything else that is needed in our busy lives!

With Laptop bags and backpacks holding laptops it’s important to use the bag correctly. If it’s a backpack make sure you use both straps and not have the bag weight be on just one shoulder. Spreading the weight will help prevent any strain or injury, make sure that the straps are also adjusted to the same length so again the weight is evenly distributed.

When carrying a laptop bag if you have any injuries be sure to fill and empty your bag onto a desk at a comfortable height for you preventing leaning over and adding strain. Place the strap over your neck and secure over your shoulder, if you have shoulder or neck injuries be careful to not place the strap on the injured area. If there is strain you can also hold the handle on the laptop bag with the other arm, this should help spread the load a little better. If aches or pains are present then switch shoulders or take a break to prevent problems.

Correct usage of laptop bags along with lots of space and different colours can make your mobile computing  experience a better one. 

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