• Olympian calls for standing desks in schools

    Posted on by Jo Wozniak

    Standing Desk

    Former track and field star and Australian Olympian Jane Flemming is leading the push to introduce stand-up desks in classrooms to combat obesity.

    The 52-year-old says children should stand in every second class because “sitting is a shocker for brain function and physical health”.

    About one...

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  • End Of Financial Year Sale

    Posted on by Jo Wozniak

    HUGE End Of Financial Year Sale Starts Today! 10% Off ALL Conset Desks And 10% Off ALL HAG Chairs

    To move you towards the end of the financial year why not look after yourself and get healthy while working. Ergoport is giving 10% Off on all conset desks this June so come and join the Sit Stand revolution. 

    Sit Stand desks need a Sit Stand chair to help keep you active in the office! The HAG range  of ergonomic chairs keep you active and and healthy. Movement is the key to keeping healthy and HAG chairs with their patented InBalance Technology have shown to burn more calories than standing in a study from the Karolinska Institutet Stockholm . Enjoy 10% Off ALL HAG chairs this June and keep active and healthy in the office!

    Use Code EOFY2017 when purchasing!

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  • 5 Ergonomics Tips for Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment

    Posted on by Jo Wozniak


    When you think about maintaining a healthy workforce, you probably think about providing health insurance for your employees, encouraging them to use sick days when necessary and maybe even starting a wellness program or an informal weight-loss challenge. There’s something else you can do to keep employees healthy that pays off for both you and your staff: setting up an ergonomic office.

    Ergonomics is the process of designing work tools to fit the needs of the humans using them. An office that’s ergonomically set up can reduce the chances of your employees suffering repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis or back strain, that occurs when people make the same motions over and over. Ergonomic practices keep your employees healthy, make them more productive in the long term, and lessen your risk of being hit with a workers’ compensation lawsuit.

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  • Ergonomic considerations for the design stage

    Posted on by Jo Wozniak

    A five-step process for anticipating problems while ideas are still on paper

    Workspaces are changing quickly as yesterday’s cube farms become today’s open concepts. It’s important to evolve and keep current, but to also ensure that technology and aesthetics still provide function and reflect basic ergonomic principles.

    In fact, ergonomics can optimize both human performance and the use of technology for improved efficiencies and reduced costs. That is, costs associated with injuries, lost time, insurance claims and generally wasteful work layouts and methods.

    When designing a workplace, it’s important to consider all aspects of ergonomics, productivity and accessibility. Don’t miss a step; remember the A, E, I, O, U’s:

    Ergonomic Design Principles

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  • Australia Lags In Workplace Ergonomics

    Posted on by Charles McLaughlin

    Australia’s business sectors are world class in many respects, but lag noticeably in ergonomics, according to Kirsty Angerer, Associate Ergonomist for Australia and NZ for ergonomics firm Humanscale.