• Ergoport - Dark Side of Rehab 5 Symposium

    Posted on by Jo Wozniak

    The Dark Side of Rehab Symposium is a fantastic event held annually in Hobart. This great event normally runs alongside dark mofo which is nother event not to miss. Ergoport will be the post symposium networking refreshement sponsor and we are providing give away for this wonderful event. 

    TAVRP and Dark Side of Rehab 5 Symposium.


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  • Working from Home in an Ergonomic, Healthy Way

    Posted on by Jo Wozniak

    Working from Home in an Ergonomic, Healthy Way

    Working from home has always been attractive to many but not always feasible for all. That all changed last year when the world took a hit in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    With that...

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  • Coronavirus is going to change the way we claim at tax time. Here's what you need to know

    Posted on by Blackbelt Commerce

    Your tax is probably the last thing on your mind right now.

    But it's something practical you can control if you're finding life a little bit overwhelming.

    If you're working from home because of Covid-19, you've probably realised that there are a few extra expenses to consider.

    Perhaps you've rushed out to buy a new desk for your spare room, some stationery or even a new laptop.

    And then there's the change to your next round of household bills like power, heating and cooling, as well as internet costs.

    While some employers will fork out for equipment, or even pay a daily allowance for bills, most of us will find that the best way to get some money back is by making a claim at tax time.

    Let's dig into what you might want to do now to be eligible.

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  • Working from home could be on the rise over the next few months -  We have got you covered.

    Posted on by Blackbelt Commerce

    We have compiled 5 tips for you when working at home to make sure you are ergonomic and productive.

    1.  Laptop And Monitor Height

    The usual sight of people hunched over their tiny laptop, looking down and using the scroll pad as a mouse is still very common everywhere you go. It's time rise that laptop up and save your neck. Laptop stands with adjustable heights are great to get your laptop at the right height for usage. An external mouse and keyboard will help prevent RSI and bring you more joy and productivity when working.

    The general rule for screen positioning for monitors was to have your eyes level with the top of the monitor. Laptop screens a little smaller than monitors but the issue is that laptops are at the wrong height for users. Laptop’s normally sit on a desk or your lap where users look down onto the screen promoting poor posture. No matter what size your monitor or screen is you should try to avoid any unnecessary head tilting.

    Click Here for more details on laptop and monitor usage.

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  • 3 Ergonomic Tips That Will Help You Have Better Posture at Work

    Posted on by Jo Wozniak

    The ability to maintain good posture has a lot to do with your work environment. While establishing a stretching routine and an hourly posture correction Microstep can do wonders for your back and general well-being, at the end of the day, it’s much harder to sustain a neutral spine or other elements of good posture if your office setup won’t support them. Below are three tips that will make your workspace work for you, and put you on a fast track to improved posture.

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