Laptop Stands

A Laptop stand can really help when computing on the go. Whether you are on a train a plane or using your laptop at home a laptop stand can help correct some of the ergonomics that laptop’s lack.

The general rule for screen positioning for monitors was to have your eyes level with the top of the monitor, and this was based on a 17" CRT monitor which had a viewing area of 16" or less. Laptop screens are generally around this size or smaller but the issue is that laptops are at the wrong height for users. Laptop’s normally sit on a desk or your lap where users look down onto the screen promoting poor posture. No matter what size your monitor or screen is you should try to avoid any unnecessary head tilting.

Try to position your eyes so that when you look at the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen or the red cross to close the application at the top right of the screen, you are not tilting your head. If you wear bifocal glasses you will need to position your monitor lower as the reading pane in the glasses is situated at the bottom half. This is not achievable with a laptop as you find yourself looking down on to the screen putting more strain on your neck. A Laptop stand can bring your laptop screen up to a more comfortable level and not put as much strain on your neck.

With more and more people working on the go some nifty ergonomic equipment designed specifically for mobile computing can help you  shift from poor posture to ergonomic health easily. Laptop stands are also portable, small and light weight making them easy to place in your bag with your laptop.

If you use a laptop as your main computer we do recommend that you use an external mouse and keyboard where you can in addition to a laptop stand as this will vastly improve your ergonomic setup.

We have also created an ergonomic monitor arm and stand guide to help you find the right solution for you!

Make your desk a better place to work.

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