Ergoport has sustainable policies and procedures to help maintain the integrity of the natural environment. 
The natural Environment means a lot to Ergoport and we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. 
We have attained ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification. 

In our North Sydney office, we make use of local council; paper, glass and plastic recycling programs. Our staff use public transport, walk, or ride bicycles to work to reduce CO2 emissions. We have also taken measures in our energy consumption by changing light fittings, computers, printers and fax energy settings to reduce our energy consumption from an average of 78 kWh to 21 kWh usage. 

Printer toner and paper have also been reduced by setting printers to draft printing, double-sided printing, and using an Eco-font for internal usage which uses up to 20% less ink. 

Ergoport select and partner with suppliers and manufacturers that adopt the same effective fundamental environmental policies and procedures.