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Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs have been around for a long a time, but often the chair provided is not always the best fit for you. Every human body is shaped differently and getting the right ergonomic chair to fit you can sometimes be tricky.  That’s where Ergoport comes in. Ergoport provides over 75 different chair options to choose from not including different seat options, backrest options, colours, fabrics, bases, headrest and arm rest options. When purchasing an ergonomic office chair there are several things that need to be addressed to find the right ergonomic chair for you.

Have you been recommended a particular chair form an occupational therapist, ergonomist, workplace professional or physiotherapist? Getting recommended the right chair by a professional is a sure way to put your back at ease. Unlike many companies Ergoport recommends to trial an ergonomic chair from us before purchasing so you can be sure you have the right chair. 

Movement in Chairs

There have been several studies over the past few years saying that “sitting is the smoking”, sitting will kill you and that everyone needs to stand! As this conversation matures on sitting vs standing we are finding out that this isn’t really the case.  Lack of movement and sedentary behaviour is what is causing the majority of "sitting" health problems. Contrary to many beliefs there are ergonomic office chairs that can promote movement and prevent sedentary behaviour. An interesting report from the * Karolinska Institute in Stockholm provides evidence that with some chairs such as the HAG Sofi you can get more movement than standing.

Sit Stand Chairs

With the rise of standing desks come new products to help with sitting and standing. Perching stools and sit stand chairs are on the up and up and provide a different seated position to normal sitting or standing. Ergonomic chairs such as the HAG Capisco or the Muvman provide you with good posture and relieve pressure from your lower back all while being in a perching position.

Recommendation from * Professor Alan Hedge on how we should split up or time while at our office desk.

Correct ergonomic posture and chair setup

We have created an ergonomic chair product guide to help you find the right chair for you. You can also contact us or come into our showroom where one of our friendly staff will be here to help.

* Image from Alan Hedge at Cornell University https://ergo.human.cornell.edu/CUESitStandPrograms.html