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Suffering from sitting disease?

Suffering from sitting disease?

Welcome to Ergoport's latest newsletter! We will keep you up-to-date on the newest research, innovations and products for the ergonomic workplace.
Ergonomic Kids - Moll Scooter Chair from $690

Suffering from sitting disease? How you can avoid it, plus Sydney's In Design event

August Newsletter

Dear Ergoport Enthusiasts,

We've been full steam ahead this month, bringing you the best in ergonomic products and prices!

Ergonomic news from around the world:

Article: Sitting is the new smoking
Sitting Should Scare You - by Just
We spend a lot of time sitting. Just Stand's detailed infographic sums up why we need to SIT LESS AND STAND MORE. Important research and medical groups (like the American Medical Association - ka-pow!) recommend businesses offer desk alternatives like the sit/stand workstation. Click here for more info.
Sydney In Design
Sydney In Design
We are heading to this year's In Design event along with some of Ergoport's most popular brands! The latest in furniture products are showcased in Sydney destinations over 3 days of drinks, snacks and fun (not to mention creativity, design and innovation). It's a fantastic event and we'd love to see you there! Check out products by DAL Seating (the likes of the Capisco Chair and height adjustable desks); Colebrook Bosson Saunders (monitor arms) and Herman Miller (the Aeron chair).
Featured Products
The Contour Rollermouse Re:d by Contour Design
Contour Rollermouse Re:d $445
The Contour RollerMouse Re:d is the latest offering in the rollermouse range and is daresay the best. Harvard University researchers have found that the RollerMouse reduces muscle effort in the forearm by up to 20%. For more product info, click here. To read about the Harvard study, click here.

Come check out the Rollermouse Re:d in person in our showroom in North Sydney, to see why we love it so much!
The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller
Treadmill Desks
Aeron Chair by Herman Miller $1085
The Aeron Chair is the go-to ergonomic mesh chair for people around the world. Not only does it look great, its ergonomic features make this chair great for your health as well. The SMH even wrote a savvy article on it's unusual history and how the Aeron Chair became a status symbol of the new economy! Click here to learn more about the Aeron Chair and here to check out the article
We offer complimentary ergonomic advice no matter what situation you may need to be ergonomically compliant. (by appointment only)

Our showroom is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm and located conveniently near the North Sydney train station.

For appointment bookings please email
Yours in Health & Safety,
Jo, Brooke, Catherine and Grant
Ph: 02 9929 8447 
Fax: 02 9929 7040

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