Ergoport is passionate about providing you and your company with up to date ergonomic product knowledge and industry trends. Ergoport has been running Ergo Labs for the last few years helping you recommend the right product and service to your clients.

What is an Ergo Lab?

Ergo Labs are for you and your colleagues to come along to the Ergoport showroom and learn about new ergonomic products on the market, how these products work and what ailments they can help with. The Ergoport showroom is fully packed with mice, keyboards, ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks, retro fit options, footrests, forearm support, anti-fatigue mats, back supports and the list goes on. If you or your team are interested in certain products and how they work let us know in the Note section so we can make sure we have those products for the Ergo Lab.

When are the Ergo Labs?

We normally run our Ergo Labs on a Friday afternoon for a couple of hours from 2-4pm refreshments and nibbles will be provided for attendees.

How can we join an Ergo Lab?

In order for Ergoport to run an Ergo Lab we require a minimum of 4 people to attend one session max of 20. This number can be made up attendees from one organisation or many. Please fill in the form below and highlight which date you would like and the names of all attendees. If you have less than 4 attendees we can try and match your team up with others to make the Lab happen!

Ergoport also runs industry workshops and presentations with International Suppliers, Ergonomic professionals, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and more. To register an interest in these events please add this to the note section on the form below.