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July 24, 2024
New Year's Resolution to get in shape? Start standing at work (like us!)

Ergoport has gone paperless...That's right! We have decluttered and de-papered in our bid to make our business more sustainable. We... Read more

How eco is your office? Boost your green with our ergonomic products

Green living is a growing global trend. What companies stand for when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility is... Read more

These 10 Everyday Activities Are Slowly Killing You

by Kelly Dickerson - Business Insider Australia   We all want to live longer, healthier lives but there are hidden... Read more

Comparing Gregory chairs

With World Health Day having passed since our last newsletter, this month we are focusing on health and wellbeing.Did you... Read more

Latest research in sit stand workstations and height adjustable desks

Well it's been a great month of fulfilling orders, adding new product ranges to our website and showing clients around... Read more

Why maintaining good posture is kind of a big deal...

How's Your Posture Right Now? - article from The Seattle TimesGood posture looks good, feels good and makes us look slimmer.... Read more

Suffering from sitting disease?

We've been full steam ahead this month, bringing you the best in ergonomic products and prices!Ergonomic news from around the... Read more

Taking a stand for ergonomics: businesses offer alternative workstations

by Ashley Gebb Why sit if you can stand? Some businesses are part of a rising trend to offer standing... Read more