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July 24, 2024
Suffering from sitting disease?

We've been full steam ahead this month, bringing you the best in ergonomic products and prices!Ergonomic news from around the... Read more

How to set up an ergonomic workstation

Use this five-step approach to set up an ergonomic desk and add a little more zen to your day.  ... Read more

The secret history of the Aeron chair

by Cliff Kuang After the great dot-com bust of 2000, there was one lasting symbol of the crash: Herman Miller's... Read more

How’s your posture right now?

Standing or sitting up straight is harder than it looks, but being aware of your body position is a great... Read more

How Laptop Positioning Affects Productivity

Is Your Posture Good Right Now? Read more

Sitting is the new smoking

Date May 30, 2013 By Sarah Berry Killer chair: is sitting the new smoking? Photo: Theresa Ambrose Don't fall off your perch,... Read more

Ergoport's New Website and Special Offer!

Ergoport has some exciting news! This month we have launched our new and improved website which we welcome you to... Read more