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Ergoport News & Support Links

Ergoport News & Support Links

Welcome to Ergoport's latest newsletter where we will keep you up to date on the newest research and innovations in the field of ergonomic workplace. 

February 2013

Dear Ergonomic Enthusiasts,

Ergonomics in the News

How safe is your workplace? There are so many occupational hazards that can be found around the workplace no matter what your job is!
With the start of the new year, now is the perfect time to review this article from CRS Australia "Safe work practices for everyone" which highlights key areas that should be addressed at work. It is vital that we work in a safe and ergonomic environment. Ergoport has a section dedicated to OHS with products such as trolleys, anti fatigue mats, steps and ladders that can be found here.
Unsure of what is causing you wrist or shoulder pain at work? Ergoport has compiled a list of some common computer related syndromes to help you understand symptoms, review suggestions to help reduce or eliminate pain, including ergonomic interventions that may help. Check out our syndromes section here.

Safety Products
If you want simple ways to reduce workplace injuries, these three products can put you in the right direction.

Gregory Inca Chair
An ergonomic chair can significantly reduce the risk of lower pain or injury. The popular Inca provides comfortable lumbar support and allows for a variety of seated postures. It features Gregory's unique dual-density seat pan, five star base, and 3-lever mechanism.

CLAX Folding Cart
It might seem like common sense but having a solid trolley at work is essential to eliminate any work hazards. This two-tier trolley collapses with a simple push of a button and has a 60kg capacity. Available in a grey and green colour, it only weighs 7kg and has a platform of 490mm x 250mm.

Anti-Glare & Privacy Filters
Continuous exposure to the computer monitor may be the cause of eyestrain. In this case, you should always have a good quality anti-glare filter fixed on your monitor screen. The 3M Privacy Filters attaches easily to screens with discreet tabs or self-adhesive pads. When used on the matte finish, it serves as an Anti-Glare Filter.

Wondering how to adjust your new ergonomic chair? Check out Ergoport's how-to video on correct chair usage and adjustments. Other installation/correct usage videos are available here

Additionally, due to popular demand, representatives of Ergoport have travelled to various rehabilitation providers, government agencies and other companies to showcase our products this year. If you are unable to visit our showroom and are located in the Sydney area, ask us how we can visit you!

Don’t forget, we are able to offer complimentary ergonomic advice no matter what situation you may need to be ergonomically compliant. (by appointment only)

Our showroom is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm and located conveniently near the North Sydney train station.

For appointment bookings please email

Yours in Health & Safety,

Jo, Laura, Fran, Murray and Grant

Ph: 02 9929 8447
Fax: 02 9929 7040

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