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How You Should Really Sit in Your Chair
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How You Should Really Sit in Your Chair

In Defense of the Office Chair

Before we start, are you standing while reading this post?

Chances are that more than likely, you’re not!

In the last three years we have seen hundreds of headlines which says “Sitting Is the New Smoking”. We’ve read articles, scrolled through infographics and watched TED talks on this very topic, all backed by studies conducted over the past decade suggesting that too much sitting can have serious health consequences.

If you’ve ever tried standing desk or stood while working, just after few hours sitting on your office chair will feel like it is the greatest invention ever. In fact users of standing desks have pointed out that there is a huge downside of standing all the time from sore back to experiencing onset of cankles (swelling of calf and ankle).

Truth be told, only a fraction of the total population of office workers are or can stand while working and most of the work related injuries ties back to poor work ergonomics which causes repetitive strain injury and musculoskeletal disorders.

So what is the solution for 90% of the population that still sits while working? Read more to view the infographic created by Omnicore which highlights the benefits of ergonomic chairs including great stats on ergonomic chairs and their role in the workplace.

 In Defense of the Office Chair

Research cited by Omnicore

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