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Stand Up Australia featured on 60 Minutes

Stand Up Australia featured on 60 Minutes

Stand Up Australia featured on 60 Minutes

Last night on 60 Minutes, Channel 9 featured a segment about the dangers and health effects of prolonged sitting. In case you missed it, click the link or image below to watch the 12 minute eye opening clip.

60 Minutes Stand up Australia Video

Ergoport can’t emphasize the facts enough! Time spent sitting is consistently associated with premature mortality, diabetes and risk factors for cardiovascular disease, irrespective of time spent in exercise. Rather than focusing on the dangers of sitting for prolonged periods of time, what can we do to change this?

By increasing the number of breaks from sitting time, you will have reduced musculoskeletal discomfort, reduced eye strain and increased productivity. So get moving about every 20 minutes!

Additionally a postural change should be considered. Investing in a sit-stand workstation at the office is a great way to start. Ergoport offers a wide range of Sit Stand solutions.

Sit-Stand Solutions
Conset DM15 Height Adjustable DeskWorkfit S DualWorkfit A
Let’s Get Our Kids Standing too

The next generation is going to rely more on technology than ever before. Last year, Mont Albert Primary School became one of the first schools to be fitted with height-adjustable desks to allow pupils to sit or stand, as part of an experiment by Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. The feedback has been extremely positive with children feeling more alert and focused.

Read More with this article from the

Ergoport offers these same Standing Desks made by Ergotron

  Our bodies are designed to move so start today by making these little changes.

Don't forget, we are able to offer complimentary ergonomic advice no matter what situation you may need to be ergonomically compliant. (by appointment only)

Our showroom is open Monday  through to Friday from 9.00am to 5.30pm and located conveniently near North Sydney train station.

For appointment bookings please email 

Yours in Health & Safety,

The Ergoport Team

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