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The Workplace Wellness Conference - And The New White WorkFit-S
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The Workplace Wellness Conference - And The New White WorkFit-S

Workplace Wellness Conference 

Sharing insights to enhance the wellbeing and productivity of the Australian workforce

30 - 31 July 2015 | InterContinental Hotel, Sydney

Understanding the latest in physical & mental welfare programs to meet the needs of employees across all sectors.

Ergoport is excited to be able to provide products for the workplace wellness conference, you will be able to see the products at the Workplace Posture Solutions stand at the conference.

If sitting is the new smoking, then workplace wellness is more important than ever. In an economic climate where cost cutting and belt tightening are crucial to company survival, employers need to find more and more ways to reduce rates of absenteeism and presenteeism.

The current strategy is implementing workplace wellness programs which aim to target the physical and mental welfare of employees. These programs, typically implemented by individual organisations focusing on the needs and requests of the employees, can cover a broad scope of benefits like healthy eating, exercise incentives, stress management, illness reduction (for example flu vaccines), enhancing the work/life balance and many more.

The inaugural Workplace Wellness conference will feature case studies from leading Australian businesses who have successfully implemented wellness and welfare programs to enhance employee experience within the workplace.

The conference will be ideal for companies who are yet to implement their own wellness program or who may want advice on what works. The highly interactive program will allow those in the fields of HR, safety and workers’ compensation to hear success stories and take tips back to the workplace. Delegates are encouraged to ask questions perhaps on:

the challenges that were faced during the wellness program’s implementation

what has found to work and not work,

what elements of the program are successful and which are not.

The aim of the event is to understand the importance of workplace wellness and compile the resources to implement or develop a workplace wellness program that is right for your business.

Featured speakers include:

Justin Pratt, Group Employee Care and Wellbeing Manager, Woolworths Limited

Geraldine King, Wellbeing Manager, Transgrid

Megan Kingham, Manager: Health and wellbeing,

Optus Jason Quelch, National Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager, Fitness First

Dr Ruth Williams, author, Age Management Toolkit and research fellow, National seniors Australia

Introducing the WorkFit - S White

Building on the great success of the WorkFit - S, Ergotron have now created a white version of the popular Sit-Stand Workstation.

Transform any surface into a personalized height-adjustable desk. Get affordable ergonomics!

Change from a sitting to a standing position whenever you want. This sit-stand workstation moves your keyboard and display in one simple motion, making computing comfortable for prolonged periods. The WorkFit - S White is available in a dual monitor version along with a heavy duty option.

WorFit - S White

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