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  • Ergonomic Education and Inspiration

    Posted on by Jo Wozniak

    Ergonomic Education and Inspiration

    Welcome to another exciting newsletter from Ergoport. This week we will be looking at a couple of different topics and articles from ergonomics in schools to the Melbourne Indesign conference and a nice publication from the behemoth that is Costco.

    Ergonomics in Education

    Ergotron LearnfitClassrooms today are digitally connected learning hubs. Get children active, engaged and ergonomically healthy!

    More and more schools are utilising tablets and laptops in the classroom, to make learning fun but also relevant to the digital age. Ergonomic solutions work with classroom technology to get the best outcomes for learners. Students love the opportunity to stand whilst writing essays, problem-solving in maths and even comparing findings in science projects.

    Pictured above is the Ergotron Learnfit Adjustable Desk - Standing more throughout the day increases blood circulation, burns more calories, and helps maintain muscle tone and insulin effectiveness. This means LearnFit can be an integral part of a school environment designed to improve health and academic outcomes.

    We have put together an Ergonomic Education section on the Ergoport website to help provide a better understanding of the products available in the classroom.

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