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Quit the Sit and take a Stand for Better Health

One of Australia’s leading medical research institutes, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute is calling on Australians to ‘quit the sit’ for one day in June to raise awareness and funds to support heart disease and diabetes research.

A growing body of evidence established by leading international and Australian researchers shows a link between too much sitting and increased risk of chronic diseases including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, as well as premature death.

Head of Physical Activity Research at Baker IDI, Professor David Dunstan says there is now enough evidence to recommend regular breaks during prolonged periods of sitting.

“It is thought that excessive sitting slows the body’s metabolism – which affects our ability to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, and metabolise fat – and may cause weaker muscles and may have detrimental effects on our bones,” Professor Dunstan says.

He says the research shows that doing regular exercise alone may not be enough to counteract the effects of too much sitting. “The amount of time you are inactive also impacts your health,” he says.

“Reducing time spent sitting should be done inaddition to engaging in regular aerobic and strength-developing physical activities,” Professor Dunstan says.

“The best advice is stand up, sit less, move more, more often.”

With the nation facing a rising tide of chronic disease, Baker IDI has established the On Your Feet Australia event, now in its second year, to encourage Australians to stand more often. Australia is understood to be the first country to adopt such an event but other countries are quickly following suit, with campaigns such as Get Britain Standing being introduced.

On Your Feet Australia will be held on Thursday, 11 June to raise awareness of the health dangers of too much sitting and to raise funds for vital medical research. To take the ‘Quit the Sit’ challenge, visit Registrations open 30 April, 2015.

Baker IDI’s On Your Feet Australia event is sponsored by Schiavello; Humanscale; Fitbit; Art Series Hotel Group; and Anytime Fitness

Top tips to keep you moving:

  • If you are watching TV, use the commercial breaks to get up and move around
  • Opt to stand while on public transport
  • If you are watching TV, stand up and fold the washing or do the ironing at the same time to reduce your sitting time
  • When you are at work, get up and talk to your colleagues instead of emailing them
  • If you are in a long meeting, get up and move around
  • Locate printers at the furthest end of the office to ensure you to get up and move more
  • Get a headset to give you flexibility to stand and move about while talking on the phone

Interview opportunities

  • Head of Physical Activity at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Professor David Dunstan
  • Head of Behavioural and Generational Change at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Professor Neville Owen

Case studies

Baker IDI can provide case studies to profile individuals and organisations who are participating in this year’s On Your Feet Australia event.

Ergoport's Sutherland Hospital Show

Ergoport recently attended the Sutherland Hospital show where we showcased several valuable products that are useful in the office and throughout the hospital.

Sutherland hospital

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The Ergo Bubble Mat is an anti fatigue mat for you to stand on while working at your computer. Soft formula provides relief from constant standing. Can be attached to any of the main work surfaces edge. Domed surface ergonomically designed to improve circulation in legs and feet. Bevelled edges for safety

Comfortable mat which provides relief from constant standing. Non-slip surface provides traction for user. Used in areas such as at checkouts, concierge desks, workstations and other demanding work areas.

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