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March Newsletter

Dear Workplace Wellbeing Trailblazer,

Being ergonomic doesn't have to be expensive! Sometimes just small adjustments to your workplace can make a world of difference.

Take the Minicute Vertical Mouse (only $77!).

Did you know, occupational therapists recommend these over traditional mice? 

They support your hand in an upright neutral posture that avoids twisting (think superior comfort).
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Tired of twisting and turning to look between documents and the computer screen?

The Microdesk Compact document holder ($115) -invented by a New Zealand physiotherapist - sits between your keyboard and monitor for streamlined, pain-free computing.
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Oversized keyboards when you don't need them can be cumbersome.

The Delux Keyboard ($47) is compact, which makes agreat option for travel or for day-to-day streamlined typing without a number pad.
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New In Store: Height Adjustable Frames
Need a height adjustable desk but want to source your own desktop? Conset Australia now offer frame-only ergonomic solutions!
The 501-15 Height Adjustable Frame - from $614
The 501-19 Height Adjustable Frame - from $700
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