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Choosing the right ergonomic footrest

Not sure which footrest is right for you? Check out our Comparison Chart of the most popular footrests that we offer.

Why have a footrest?

Depending on what type of chair you are using, it may be necessary to use an ergonomic footrest. If your chair is too high for your feet to touch flat on the floor, we offer a range of adjustable footrests which will provide foot support.  

In certain situations, you may begin to experience issues such as numbness of the legs, and eventually circulation problems.  Ergonomic footrests can help prevent blood clots, varicose veins and pressure on the Achilles tendon caused by prolonged or inactive sitting and ease pressure on the back of the legs if the feet are not resting on the floor.

Adding a foot rest to your work station can improve your comfort and posture, and improve circulation to your lower legs. If you need even more height, a drafting footrest is the best option.


Further Research

The Australia Government Job Access Website features more information about the importance of a footrest which can be found by clicking on the link.