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The archaic design of standard keyboard layouts create many unhealthy stressed positions for hands and wrists. Prolonged use of the keyboard in these stressed positions frequently result in harmful injury, slowing productivity and - in the worst case - altering careers.The Zergotech Freedom solves these stressed positions to produce the...
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The archaic design of standard keyboard layouts create many unhealthy stressed positions for hands and wrists. Prolonged use of the keyboard in these stressed positions frequently result in harmful injury, slowing productivity and - in the worst case - altering careers.The Zergotech Freedom solves these stressed positions to produce the most innovative, intelligent and comfortable keyboard available.

Internationally Acclaimed Product Design

We are proud winners of the German based Red Dot International Product Design Awards in our inaugural year. From thousands of entries we excelled in areas of design, innovation, and productivity. Credit to our team for their dedication and creativity in producing such a great result. The Freedom ergonomic keyboard will be displayed on the Red Dot website from June 2020. 

Sliding Palm Rests

Simple yet effective, our Sliding Palm Rests form the core of our design. The freedom to hover your hands around the keyboard eliminates any awkward wrist movements that are the main source of RSI and typing related pain.The size of the slider bay provides enough room for the Sliding Palm Rests to roam around the keyboard while keeping your wrists and forearms aligned at all times. Your fingers will always have enough room to strike any key without over stretching on higher rows or uncomfortably compressing on lower rows. 

A joy to use, these sliders will make you want to type!

Freedom of Movement

zergo freedom in action gif

The Freedom in action. Palms and wrists remain aligned with your forearms as your fingers roam free.

Any and All Directions

zergo sliding palm rests

Any and all directions. No key too far. Cushioned with a premium gel pad and protected with synthetic leather, you have not experienced a more comfortable palm rest.

*Slim Profile Sliders are provided with the keyboard. Video shows Tall Profile Sliders which are an optional extra purchase

Standalone Sliders

zergo freedom in action gif

Sliding palm rests can also be used with standard keyboards. While delivering some relief to wrist pain, the purchase of the Freedom keyboard delivers the complete and ultimate solution. Individual sets can purchased separately.

Use With Mice

zergo sliding palm rests

Sliding palm rests are also effective in reducing wrist pain associated with mice. Your hands remain aligned while eliminating painful horizontal deviations of the wrist

Fixed Palm Rests

The Freedom may be used with an additional and optional set of Fixed Palm Rests for your preferred choice. The Fixed Palm Rests and Sliding Palm Rests are interchangeable with one another at any time without any tools or fixings required.

Fixed Palm Rests

Zergo freedom fixed palm rests

Fixed Palm Rests are provided as an alternative to the Sliding Palm Rests. They are designed to fit snuggly inside the slider bay, and are interchangeable with the Sliding Palm Rests at any time.

Sliding Palm Rests

Zergo freedom mechanical keyboard sliding palm rests

The Sliding Palm Rests are given plenty of room for movement in their slider bay. Swap these for the optional Fixed Palm Rests at any time.

Positions and Angles

Assessments of desktop seated positions combined with study of natural wrist and arm angles shows that there is no single position that would satisfy every user. We designed the Freedom to have an optimal set of angles in its default position, including tenting, rotation, and incline.With four extendable feet, the Freedom accommodates any desktop setup, while the split design allows for any angle and any distance for a complete solution for your ergonomic needs.

Default Tenting

zergo freedom default angle

The default tenting angle is 5° away from centre. This ensures that at no time will your hands be completely pronated.

Extra Tenting

zergo freedom tented angle

A more aggressive tented angle completely removes any pronation of your forearms and wrists. 

Decline Position

zergo freedom declined angle

A declined angle is provided for users whose seating position is higher relative to the desk. This ensures your forearms approach the keyboard at an aligned angle.

Incline Position

zergo freedom inclined angle

For users who sit lower relative to the desk, the Freedom provides an incline such that the keyboard meets your forearms at a naturally aligned angle.

Default Rotation

Zergo freedom default rotation angle

By default, the Freedom is configured at a 25° rotation ensuring your wrists are never in a stressed and deviated position. With your elbows by your side, the rotation of your wrists will be aligned naturally to the keyboard.


zergo freedom split any angle

For users who seek the ultimate in ergonomics, a split keyboard at shoulder width is an optimal position. By widening the distance of the two boards, you can simultaneously open your chest, straighten your back, and align your forearms and wrists.

Semi-Orthogonal Design

We promise a minimal learning curve with our design registered semi-orthogonal design. You will be surprised by such an easy and familiar typing experience.The semi-orthogonal layout was designed for optimal ergonomic benefits while providing the familiar typing layout you've come to learn with standard keyboards.  

Other ergonomic keyboards have a completely alien approach. The Freedom's semi-orthogonal design only aligns the rows that are asymmetrical, while keeping already symmetrical rows unchanged.  

Why an offset ZXCV row?  

Both the home ASDF and bottom ZXCV rows already have symmetrical finger reach to each of their keys. The ZXCV row is evenly offset to the home ASDF row. So we've kept their original positions allowing you to type like you are used to.  

As for the QWER and 1234 rows?  

On standard keyboards, the rows above the home row are not evenly offset to the keys below, which creates an asymmetry of reach for your fingers. You have under-reach for your left fingers, and over-reach for your right fingers. We've aligned these by pushing the rows to the right. It just feels right.

Standard Asymmetrical Layout

standard keyboard offset layout

The standard keyboard has all rows asymmetrically offset to the left. This is in addition to a distant F row, and short bottom spacebar row. The short spacebar row requires the thumb to be unnecessarily brought closer to the palm for extra reach for striking the keys.

Semi-Orthogonal Layout

Zergo freedom semi-orthogonal layout

The Freedom keyboard makes only limited changes. The home ASDF row and bottom ZXCV row key positions remain unchanged. By using the home row as the reference, the bottom row is already symmetrically offset for finger reach. The top numerical row and QWER row have been vertically aligned for symmetry of reach, while the F row has been brought closer for ease of reach. The bottom spacebar has also been made taller for easy striking by the thumb. 

On-Board Programming

The KeyKortex  integrated on-board programming module gives you easy to use macros to allow you to change the key layouts to what suits you best.  For power users, KeyKortex gives you the flexibility to record and map key combinations and shortcuts on-the-go!  

NO SOFTWARE or additional bloatware - just an easy set of plug and play on-board programming routines. Improve your productivity and efficiency with your own personalized layouts.

Combinations & Shortcuts

swappable enter and spacebar keys

The ultimate macro for power users and those seeking efficiency. Map any key simultaneous key combinations, such as CTRL + ALT + Delete to any key to activate in one key stroke. Bring out the power of the Freedom with combinations that you use most.

Key Sequences

swappable enter and spacebar keys

The Key Sequence macro allows you to record a sequence of individual key presses to save you from tediously retyping your most common key strokes. 

Instant Operating System Switch

swappable enter and spacebar keys

Change between Windows and Mac keyboard configurations on the fly!
(**this is  a new feature, so unfortunately we don't have extra Windows or Mac OS key caps at this time. Dual key prints will be produced in next batch**)

Instant ANSI ISO Switch

swappable enter and spacebar keys

Switch between ANSI and ISO International layouts in an instant!
(**this is  a new feature, so unfortunately we don't have key prints for ISO keys. These will be produced in next batch**)

Freeze Keys

swappable enter and spacebar keys

Freeze Keys allows you to deactivate all key presses on your keyboard. Handy macro to prevent unwanted key presses when the keyboard is not in use, for example when placing documents on your keyboard, or when removing or changing keycaps.

Swap Macro

swappable enter and spacebar keys

With the swap macro, you can swap any two keys. This comes in handy when assigning keys from one half to the other. For example, assessments of typing behaviours show that only a single dominant thumb is used for striking the spacebar at least 95% of the time. You choose which side you prefer.

Copy Macro

swappable B and Error key

The copy macro allows you to duplicate a key from one position to another. Prefer two spacebar keys? Copy the B key to two positions? Create a copy and paste where it best suits you.

Move Macro

swappable B and Error key

The move macro acts as 'Cut and Paste' feature, moving and over-writing one key to its destination position. The keys original location is erased giving no functionality.

Erase Macro

swappable enter and spacebar keys

The erase macro allows you to remove the key mapping on any particular key.

Restore and Master Reset

swappable B and Error key

You can always revert the keys to their original default, either one by one or a factory master reset.              


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